Chautauqua Yacht Club
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Competitive sailing at its best!


The CYC has an open membership policy. Since we do not have a 'club' building to maintain, our focus is on sailing!  Current racing classes are the C-Scow, Flying Scot, and Lightning. The club would like to grow other fleets. Be aware that 3 boats constititute a race on any given weekend.

Please send a short letter of intent to CYC, PO  Box 1122, Chautauqua, NY.  14722, if you are a becoming a new member.




(for summer mailings)

Phone #____________________  e-mail _____________________________


(for winter mailings)

Phone #____________________ e-mail ______________________________

____________________Boat(s) Class________________

Boat/Sail #_______________

Please list additional boats racing. Class________________, __________________

Boat #_______________, __________________

Type of Membership


Commodore *(includes fee for one boat) $270.00 _____

Family *(includes fee for one boat) $190.00 _____

Primary crew member $45.00 _____

Social $30.00 _____

Junior (up to age 18) $20.00 _____

Enclosed is my check payable to the Chautauqua Yacht Club in the amount of $______ covering the membership fees checked above.

Notes: * If family members are sailing more than one boat, please include additional primary crew members or junior fees as appropriate. **All fees include New York State Sales Tax.

I would also like to register for the Old First Night Race. Enclosed is my tax deductible donation, payable to the Chautauqua Institution in the amount of $_____.Please return the form and your check(s) to: Chautauqua Yacht Club PO Box 1122 Chautauqua, NY 14722